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What is CDR? Assistance in CDR Preparation If interested??
Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a report which demonstrates your competency to Engineers Australia. Also, it is an essential requirement for immigration process of Australia for Engineers. You need to prepare the CDR in a typical style and format for successful skill assessment from Engineers Australia.

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Why do you need our help to prepare your CDR?You don’t know,


  • The format of CDR.
  • The structure of CDR.
  • How to fulfill the requirements of CDR.
  • How much information must be elaborated in the CDR.


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Although Australian Immigration is bright way for engineers to get their dream life and career but few constraints like laziness, lack of time & knowledge of the process and tough ask of compiling appropriate Competency Demonstration Report, almost essentially required by Engineers Australia for successful skill assessment, make the people reluctant to apply for it. Achieving successful skill assessment from Engineers Australia is just like “elephant is through and only tail is left” in the process of Australian immigration. The trickiest part in skill assessment from Engineers Australia is compiling CDR with extremely appropriate information in it and preparing Summary Statement as per exact requirements of EA.

Sample CDR is a company which has large database of approved Competency Demonstration Reports (CDRs) of professional engineers of almost all disciplines and provides professional assistance in preparing Competency Demonstration Reports of engineers who feel difficulty in writing and compiling their Competency Demonstration Reports. Having sound knowledge of engineering practices and vast experience of engineering background, we are a small company of engineers which provides such a unique service of its own kind. We work with strong dedication and apply efforts in right directions without any error and unnecessary delay. We proved our professional approach and all our clients are extremely satisfied with our feedback and outcome. Having 100% success rate, we have completed numerous cases of skill assessment but none of these are rejected are even asked for review by Engineers Australia.

All engineers, interested in Australian Immigration, would know the importance of positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia. A positive outcome from EA is surely a priceless achievement. However, just to cater the needs of our clients and feeling importance of services, we offer these services at minimal rates. For details, surf other parts of our website…