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About Us

Sample CDR is a company which assists the engineers in getting their CDRs ready for Australian immigration. Sample CDR is based in Lahore, Pakistan. We are a small company with strong dedication, professional work and effort that we put in the preparation of CDRs. This is the reason, the CDRs we prepared, have got positive results in skills assessment from Engineers Australia.

All our staff is well experienced and professional engineers with an Engineering degree. They are working in their relative fields and have experiences of many years. All of them work on multidisciplinary approachand have wide knowledge in the field of theoretical and practical engineering.

We have a complete stock of up to date and well written CDRs which can be utilized to grasp the idea of CDR requirements. Our CDRs are written in easy to understand and clear language. So, whatever your engineering field is, we have a sample CDR ready for you.

Last but not the least; we assist in the CDR preparation in a professional way, without wasting time of our clients because we value your time. Our process is fast and you will get your CDR in the fewest time or as per your requirements. Also, our fee of CDR preparation is also very low as compared to the whole market with keeping a strict eye on all the international standards of a quality CDR. This has helped us grow rapidly in the business.