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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much you charge for your assistance in writing a Summary Statement?

A. It depends on the present condition of the Career Episodes because if your Career Episodes require no changes or very a few changes, then the price is very less as compared to what we charge for writing a complete CDR. Correct Careers Episodes are vital for successful assessment with Engineers Australia. In this case, after viewing all three Career Episodes, we will prepare your summary statement. We guarantee that you will find our prices very competitive as compared to the whole market. Please contact us for further details.

Q. How much time is required for this task?

A. Usually, it takes it about 5-7 days to write a complete Summary Statement, provided all your Career Episodes are in final condition. If you need alteration in Career Episodes, the time will vary.

Q. How much you charge for your assistance in writing complete Competency Report?

A. Preparing complete Competence Demonstration Report varies client to client because every client has different career demonstration which needs to be explained in a unique way. It depends on both sides, you and we, because you have to answer certain questions to help us prepare your CDR. We stay very close to each client in preparation of CDR and ask every possible question to prepare the best of a CDR which can easily get approved from Engineers Australia. This gives satisfaction on both sides.  For assistance in making a complete CDR from scratch, we charge $600. However, our prices are somehow flexible and best as compared to the whole market. So, send your enquiry now and we will respond promptly with a price list.

Q. How much time is required for this task?

A. We work in a true professional work but, it also depends on your side. If you answer the questions rapidly, the work will be fast. It usually takes 3 weeks working on happy path.

Q. How do I send payment?

A. You can send payment through 2Checkout, Paypal, AlertPay, Credit Card or Western Union.

Q. How do I use Western Union?

A. This service is used all around the world and many people use this service for sending/receiving money worldwide. You can find your nearest Western Union location on their website. We will guide you completely about money transfer through western union once we receive your enquiry.

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