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Services regarding CDR Preparation

We offer 3 different types of services regarding Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Detail of these services are as below:

  1. Complete Package of Assistance in CDR Preparation
  2. Summary Statement Preparation Based Upon Already Prepared Career Episodes.
  3. Review of Already Prepared CDR

1. Complete Package of Assistance in CDR Preparation

It is a complete package of Assistance in CDR Preparation and will start from your CV. We need your updated CV and the process will begin. You will have to provide us feedback what we ask you time to time and so on…

This complete package includes at least three (3) Career Episode, One (1) Summary Statement and One (1) Continuing Professional Development. Process of CDR preparation will be as follows:

  • Preparation your career episodes based upon information you will provide about your work.
  • Sending these Career Episodes to you for approval
  • Starting work on Summary Statement after your Go ahead.
  • Sending Complete CDR after complete payment.

The whole process take 20 ~ 30 days. Basically it purely depends upon feedback of client.

2. Summary Statement Preparation Based Upon Already Prepared Career Episodes.

If you have written your three career Episodes and don’t know how to prepare your Summary Statement, you can avail our help service in which we will write a full fledge Summary Statement with all necessary elements it must contain. Remember that writing Summary Statement is the most confusing part of the CDR writing process which requires a lot of time. Summary Statement is written on the base of your Career Episodes. Usually it contains elements which check your work experience and management skills. Engineers Australia has given a pattern of summary statement which we need to follow. We extract the key elements from your career episodes and use them for preparing your Summary Statement. We prepare it in a way that it contains all key elements of your Career Episodes. In this regard, our service includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the structure, style and language of each episode.
  • Creation of basic draft of your Summary Statement.
  • Pointing out the absent “units and elements of competency” in the CDR.
  • Preparation of a report which contains the points which we find missing in your episodes.
  • On getting a response from you, we will include the missing elements in Career Episodes and we will also update your Summary Statement according to these changes.
  • Sending you the completed report for approval.
  • Upon getting your comments, we will polish the Summary Statement for any betterment.

All our correspondence is done on very quick bases. We hate to waste our client’s precious time. We take 7-10 days to write complete Summary Statement.

3. Review of Already prepared CDR

We provide complete help in checking your completed CDR which you have written yourself. This service provides our customer the confidence to put their CDR for skills assessment. We have very professional staff which will thoroughly examine your CDR for any lacking and correct them to prepare a CDR which can meet the standards of Engineers Australia. We will check the structure and style of writing. We will also do compete linguistic analysis of your report.

We will check your all three career episodes and your Summary Statement for the existence of all the “units and elements” that Engineers Australia requires in a CDR. On its bases, we will send you a suggestion report which will comprise of our findings, suggestions and advices about the structure, language and content of your CDR.

The key elements of this service include;

  • Checking of your three Career Episodes for their structure, style, content and language
  • Critical analysis of your Summary Statement
  • Preparation of the Advice Report

If your CDR is ready and we just need to have a professional look at it, it will take only 3 total days.

It is important here to know that writing the Competence Demonstration Report is your own work. We are here to help you and suggest you what is good for you, however, we cannot guarantee and success in approval. But, we are well experienced people and have prepared many CDRs which got positive results from Engineers Australia.

*Please read our ‘Terms and Conditions‘ before using our services or buying CDR samples.