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9 comments for “Testimonial

  1. Obaid Muhammad Alam
    June 8, 2012 at 3:19 am

    I was trying to make my CDR for last two years but was not getting proper time for it and feared of getting rejected by Enginners Australia due to lack of knowledge of its technicalities. Then I started searching for someone for guidance and finally found this website.
    I contacted Mr. Awan when I was doing my certification in Australia. While submitting him total amount I was very confused on trusting him. But after few emails I sent him money and we completed our whole work in 2 months time, in between that cycle I also visited him personally in Pakistan and found him very gentle. Afterwords I gave him my wife’s Vetassess case and he handle that very well too. Now He is even doing my immigration processing too.
    One thing I want to say to all new guys who want to start their process but are in little doubt, Just GO AHEAD with Him because He has made My CDR and now my few close friends’ too. He is very technical and really perfect in his work.

    Obaid Alam,
    Biomedical Engineer

  2. Akram El Nassar
    June 11, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Hi , my name is Akram El Nassar , I am Palestinian , by profession I am civil engineer , I have studied at university of Patras in Greece ,
    At the beginning I have prepared the three careers episodes and summary of statement by myself and I have sent them to engineers of Australia, after long time their answer was not positive and they had a lot of commands,

    By chance friend of mine advise me to look at the web site Sample CDR that they are providing services in making CDR for engineers Australia ,immediately I checked the site and I got in touch with Mr Awan ,

    I sent him the letter for the Engineers of Australia ,immediately he understood my case and realized where is the problem , He gave me a list of different questions to answers which took me about 2 weeks to answer all the questions and if i had any problem in writing the details I contacted SampleCDR for help and their feed was spontaneous. I was really surprised to see how well my CDR was compiled.

    Finally I got the approval from the Engineering .

    I would really thank SampleCDR administrator Mr.Awan for helping me out and providing great tips and advices on how to write my Competency demonstration report.

    Akram El Nassar
    Abu Dhabi – UAE

  3. Mohamed
    June 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Dear Awan,I would like to thank you for your effort and your hard work. you have proven real professionalism in your work added to your fast response.I wish you the best of luck and more progress InshaAllah.I will of course recommend you to my friends who need your service, I also need your prayers so I can get my assessment done successfully and I will also need your help in that matter.


    Mohamed Abdelrahman
    Telecom Engineer

  4. Umair Khan
    June 13, 2012 at 8:54 am

    While trying to apply for immigration to Australia, I find preparing CDR for my Skills Assessment to EA the mightiest obstacle of all. Thanks to the highly professional team of Sample CDR, who makes this challenging assignment possible for me. The Sample CDR team not only prepare my impressive CDR and Summary Statements based on my Raw feedback, but also explained me the entire procedure of other processes involved such as fee payment and resume preparation. I was fully confident while sending my CDR package to Engineers Australia with high hopes of getting the approval on the first time. And to my surprice, I got my assessment as Production Engineer in record time of 4 weeks. Thanks again to Sample CDR for converting my discrete data into meaningful knowledge with professional presentation and I wish them all the success in future.

    Umair Khan

  5. Muhammad Atif Khan
    November 6, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    My Introduction with Mr. AR. Awan was quite coincidentally linked to my random searches on the internet when I was seeking expert guidance in writing a CDR as a Professional Engineer. I picked up Mr. Awan’s number from a “questions & answers” forum from a Yahoo website. Since I am working in a multi-national company in Saudi Arabia, it was physically not possible for me to meet him in person. So, after having a few chats and discussions over a couple of e-mails and a phone call, I decided to employ Mr. Awan’s complete services for Australian Immigration in lieu of his most economical rates and his confidence in seeing my case through.
    Frankly speaking, initially I had some meager doubts about how this association will pan out. However, after completing my 1st phase of CDR assessment, and its consequent success, I am quite confident in the abilities of Mr. Awan.
    When I contacted Mr. Awan, I had already initiated the drafting of my career episodes. He expertly reviewed my CE’s, he gave me some valuable advice regarding their improvement. These fine aspects that he pointed out proved to be very beneficial in the final draft. He thoroughly reviewed my CE’s, and skillfully fine tuned them into a fine document. I would like to praise his ability of going into the minute details of the documents and picking out the anomalies. In addition to that, his main, and considerably value added, contribution to the CDR was the compilation of the Summary Statement and the CPD. With minimum inputs from my side, he proficiently finalized both the documents in nicely presentable formats.
    In addition to his technical expertise regarding the issues related to CDR compilation, I found him to be equally adept in administrative issues. He was well aware and updated regarding the documents required to complete the application, and guided me with timely advice. His other commendable ability is that he was always prompt in replying to queries and also quite adept at meeting the deadlines. Also, since I am moving around in Saudi Arabia, he also aided me as being my representative for CDR assessment.

    I would like to summarize that my experience with him has been without any problems. At his given consultation and service rates, he has more than provided his fair share of the deal.

    Muhammad ATIF Khan
    Mechanical Engineer
    Saudi Arabia

  6. Ahmad Malik
    February 7, 2013 at 6:29 am

    G’Day!For me Mr Awan is a marvellous man who when writes CDR, Engineers Australia accept it. I had my CDR rejected twice by case assessor and was asked to improve it. Worse than thought the assessor was not happy with my projects too. In mental agony, searching on Google, I hit the right link; there we go, I had got the right person who with his honest efforts and remarkable skills made me sail through this tough journey. Mr AR Awan, a highly skilled young professional, knows well how to manage information and knowledge in an expert manner, a core competency required for successful positive outcome of CDR. Like in my case Mr Awan’s honest efforts and professionalism transformed my rejected CDR to an accepted one. This time no new information was poured into my CDR, the same projects, but knowledge managed in a professional way. Happy but really surprised, the same assessor approved my CDR in one day. I was astounded that was it like that good!!! Then I realised how important it is to put the right information at right place and in professional manner. That’s what Mr Awan got skills to integrate the obtained information and knowledge. I think Mr Awan is pretty up to date with new changes in CDR requirements and rules too. He has sound knowledge what CDR needs to be in order to get approved.

    I would like to thank him and his team for providing very honest, fair and professional services and wish him Good Luck.

    Ahmad Malik

  7. YaNan
    June 30, 2013 at 7:58 am

    I would like to express my great thanks to Mr Awan. He assisted me to complete my CDR and EA accepted it.Frankly speaking, I hesitated when I found his website, was not sure if he was reliable. After the first communication via Skype, I found that Mr Awan is a smart guy, so decided to have a try. When I sent first answer list, he got back the first episode to me very fast. He formatted, shuffled my information professionally, the every single point of episode met CDR requirement. At that time, I was confident that I had found right person. During the whole process of writing CDR, he was very responsible. I was pretty busy with my work, he always reminded me to send answer list. I really appreciate that.
    Thanks to his professional work and service, I passed CDR successfully. Hope Mr Awan all the best in his future work!

  8. Jaideep
    January 28, 2015 at 12:11 am


    I applied for my skills assessment under the category “Electronics Engineer”. EA got back to me & rejected my CDR saying that it is not my original work. My lawyer contacted EA & they said that I could re-apply for CDR assessment again.

    Need your assistance! I will have to write a whole new CDR again. Please contact me ASAP.


    • AR.Awan
      October 26, 2015 at 2:53 am

      Please share your submitted CDR on and we will guide you accordingly.

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